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Welcome to Southern Ontario Cocaine Anonymous – you are not alone!

Southern Ontario Cocaine Anonymous began in February 1987 on a Monday night at St Andrew’s Church; the First Toronto Chapter was formed.

In 1988, a second meeting began on a Wednesday night at Christ Church Deerpark, the Phoenix Group. A third, Deer Park, started on a Friday evening at the same church as the Phoenix meeting.

This is how a wonderful fellowship of addicts in recovery made it’s way into eighteen meetings in Toronto, six additional meetings in the Greater Toronto Area (Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville), and twenty-seven others in the Southern part of Ontario.

We are very grateful to the handful of addicts who decided to bring CA to Southern Ontario.

Volunteers are needed for the Info-Line to check messages throughout the day and call back addicts who need a meeting. Please call the Info-Line at 416-927-7858, or 1-866-622-4636 (1-866-6-CA-INFO) and leave your name and number in box #8 if you’d like to help.

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