CA Poster Campaign

2nd Ever Southern Ontario-Wide CA Poster Weekend!!*

* (A.K.A. SOCA goes Guerilla)

The plan:

  • Each SOCA group is a team,
  • On the weekend of September 23-24, each team goes out and finds the most unique and impactful places to put up CA Posters,
  • Parole offices, methadone clinics, Terance B’s backside, doctors offices, etc. Anywhere where the posters will be seen by the maximum number of cocaine addicts,
  • The only rule: keep it legal and considerate, i.e. ask permission where appropriate,
  • Take pictures, and submit them by email to

The prize:

  • The best entry will receive 2 general admission tickets to the 2017 SOCA convention in October,
  • Judging to be done by the SOCA Public Information Committee,
  • The winner will be announced FOSOCA and on the SOCA website.

A terrific way to do service, have some fun competitive fellowship and carry the message that can save lives


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