Birthdays and Medallions

Upcoming Medallions and Birthdays

Jess5 YearOctober 14Cross The Line
Kate B1 YearOctober 25Pipe Down
Rui L6 YearOctober 28Cross The Line
Austin M1 YearOctober 28Freedom Friday
Emi3 YearOctober 30Fourth Dimension
Larrisa S1 YearNovember 2Simcoe Group
Ross1 YearNovember 3All or Nothing
Jenn1 YearNovember 4Cross The Line
Andrew3 YearNovember 4Cross The Line
Margaret-Ann1 YearNovember 4Freedom Friday
Kelly M1 YearNovember 9Simcoe Group
Wayne T12 YearNovember 7Welcome Home
Anastasia R1 YearNovember 11Freedom Friday
Theo4 YearNovember 12Saturday Night Live
Brent T1 YearNovember 18Freedom Friday
Mack J1 YearNovember 19A Spiritual Experience
Elizabeth2 YearNovember 19Pheonix Group
Joanne K30 YearNovember 23Pheonix Group
Phil T26 YearNovember 25Freedom Friday
Ashley K2 YearNovember 26A Spiritual Experience
Christie1 YearNovember 26Saturday Night Live