Looking for key tags, literature or books?

As of January 22, 2021, Hope Faith and Courage books are temporarily unavailable

*Note: both volumes of our Hope Faith and Courage books are now available as eBooks on most eBook retailer websites!


If you have any changes that need to be submitted: Corrections, Changes, Deletions, etc. please use the “Contact “ section of our Website, and check Chips and Lit. Someone will respond as soon as possible.


If you would like to start new meeting and require a Starter Kit, please use the Order Form below and indicate the following information in the Comments section:

  • Name of group
  • Day and time of meeting
  • Format ( open, closed, big book, topic, speaker, etc.)
  • Name and address of facility
  • Any special access/entrance instructions?
  • Wheelchair Accessible?

Please note that the Starter Kit will be made available at the following Area Meeting, and a representative for the group must vocally announce this new meeting ( during roll-call ) in order to receive the Starter Kit. Please also note that what is included in the Starter Kit are a small selections of key tags up to one year and a few copies of each of our pamphlets. It does NOT include any books.
If there will NOT be any group representatives at the next Area Meeting and the Starter Kit needs to be shipped, please also indicate this in the Comments section of your order.


This is a quarterly newsletter from Cocaine Anonymous World Services. They are actively accepting submissions from members of the fellowship. We get a few printed copies every few months and they are made available at the Area meeting Literature table; however, it is also available online at:
Each member also has the option to sign up for a subscription to Newsgram.

Download CA NewsGram 2019 Q2

Coloured Medallions are available by special order for $20 USD (about $28 CAD) for any denomination between 1 year and 50 years, in your choice of 13 colours. Please allow at least 2 months lead time. Members may also order this item directly from CA World.


A limited time offer – A boxed, faux blue leather bound copy of our Daily Meditation book is available by special order for $35 USD (about $45 CAD). Please allow at least 2 months lead time. Members may also order this item directly from CA World.


CA World is also accepting submissions for our first Step and Traditions Book, and a 12 Step Workbook. For details, click here.


Please fill out the fields below for the items you wish to order. Your total will be calculated at the bottom as you enter the quantities. Please round up your total to the nearest $5 with keytags or pamphlets.

Orders can also be made by phone, using our Info Line 416-927-7858, 1-866-6-CA-INFO, 1-866-622-4636, using box #9.

Here is a printable version of our Order Form which can be used to assess your group’s inventory needs: Chips and Lit Order Form (PDF)
Orders are subject to change, based on availability. You will be notified (via the email address that is entered on the form) if your order needs to be adjusted. Payment for orders can only be received at each month’s Area Meeting in Cash, Cheque or Money Order or e-transfers.

When placing an order, include your shipping address. Once order processed, invoice with shipping fees is sent to the group ordering. The group can then to e-transfer directly to the treasurer.  No pickup orders at this time.

The cutoff for each month’s orders is one week before the next Area meeting. Any order received after the cutoff will be processed as next month’s order. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ORDERS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

For your convenience, the Chips and Lit Committee does have a “Pop-up Shop” in place at the Area Meeting with a small selection on inventory available for sale.


Chips & Lit Order Form

For a printable version of the order form, click HERE

Keytags ($1.00/ea.)

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Medallions ($3.00/ea.)

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Literature ($0.50/ea.)

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Free Literature (max. 3 ea.)

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Books ($16.00/ea.)

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