Joining the Monthly Area Meeting Via Teleconference

Direct your web-browser to or join meeting from an installed application and enter soca-telecom as the meeting code

  • For best results, use earbuds/headphones with a mic, or a similar setup. This will make audio much clearer on the Area meeting end, as well as reduce potential feedback issues.
  • Callers will be muted by default. If you would like to ask a question, raise a concern, etc. just message me in the chat window. I’ll get chairpersons attention, then unmute you

Technical notes

  • ad-blockers may need to be disabled for the domain (ie uBlock origins)

Mac users

  • does not work through safari, you need to install the mac version of the app
    • You can use Firefox instead to use the web-browser version without needing to install the application

Videos demonstrating how to join a meeting


How To Documents: