Birthdays and Medallions

Upcoming Medallions and Birthdays for 2019

Katherine F 1 Year Final Straw Feb 12th
Scott 7 Years Simcoe Group Feb 13th
Derek M 8 Years After 8 Feb 15th
Marko 1 Year SNL Feb 16th
Chris M. 6 Years Hope Dealers Feb 17th
Joe M. 1 Year Hope Dealers Feb 17th
Jess 1 Year Cross The Line Feb 22nd
Harrison 1 Year First Toronto Feb 25th
Ken D. 1 Year Chatham Welcome Home Feb 25th
Laura K. 3 Years Women of Recovery Feb 25th
Jesse 1 Year Final Straw Feb 26th
Rocco R 1 Year CA Action Feb 27th
Matt 1 Year Freedom Friday Mar 1st
Andrew B. 16 Years SNL Mar 2nd
Ali M. 2 Years No Rock on Brock Mar 5th
Dale J. 7 Years Bridge the Connection Mar 6th
Derrick S. 1 Year SNL Mar 9th
Michael S. 3 Years SNL Mar 16th
Mason 1 Year First Toronto Mar 18th
Layla T. 1 Year SNL Mar 23rd
Megan F. 9 Years Chatham Welcome Home Mar 25th
James 5 Years Simcoe Group Mar 27th
Natalie F. 1 Year SNL Mar 30th