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Attention SOCA Members!
The Hospitals and Institutions Committee has decided to assemble a speaker panel for this years H&I workshop at the SOCA Convention.
We are looking for CA members whose recovery has been directly affected by the outreach that the H&I committee provides through it’s service meetings.
In a few paragraphs, we are asking that YOU tell US how H&I has touched your life.
For example:
  • You were introduced to CA through a meeting in detox/hospital/jail/treatment centre
  • Service on the H&I committee has rocketed you into the 4th dimension of existence
  • Speaking or chairing at H&I meetings got you out of your comfort zone and changed your life

Whatever your experience is, we want to hear it!

You may be one of three speakers we choose to share their story at our convention this year.
Please send emails directly to and the H&I committee will review all entries and select three members to be on the panel.