Pending Area Motions

These are motions that will be voted on at future SOCA Area meetings. The purpose of this post is to better inform members of SOCA Area business.


1. MOTION: SOCA purchase a mobile internet device and accompanying data plan per the former chair’s recommendation and that SOCA add a second microphone, possibly wireless, so that participants around the room can use it and so be heard on the call.

1. LTE Internet USB Stick
2. $180 one-time fee for device, or $50 for 2 year term
3. $10/month, includes up to 100MB, adjusts with amount of data used. An hour would roughly use 45MB of data . If over two hours, might move it into $30 bracket (up to 500MB/month)

Total = $180 one-time + $10- 30 a month

Second Microphone: Approximately $140 should be budgeted for this purpose.