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From the WSBT to the Fellowship – COVID-19 – Advisory Letter May 30, 2020
From the WSBT to the Fellowship – COVID-19 – Advisory Letter March 31, 2020
From the WSBT to the Fellowship – COVID-19 – Advisory Letter March 14, 2020

Suggested Safety Statement for SOCA Groups

“Our meetings, both physical and online, are to be a safe space for all who wish to recover from addiction. Meetings are the way by which we practice our primary purpose of carrying a message to those who suffer and are our safe spaces. As such, this group does not tolerate bullying, sexual, physical, or verbal harassment and/or discriminatory behaviours.”

To carry the message of Cocaine Anonymous in Southern Ontario, funds are needed to support our Area’s efforts. Any donation over $100 will receive an official charitable donation receipt for tax purposes. Please send your e-transfer to treasurer@ca-on.org (make the pw: soca2020).

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Attention Virtual Meeting Hosts: A suggested preamble for Virtual Meetings:

Due to the technologies being used for this meeting, a participant’s anonymity, or the anonymity of others mentioned, could be compromised at a public level.

The individual participants and our group as a whole have the responsibility to consider the potential implications, and our level of participation in this meeting.

Our group conscience reminds us that Anonymity is the Spiritual Foundation of all our Traditions. Additionally, in the spirit of Tradition Six, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution and as such does not endorse and is not affiliated with any of the specific technology providers utilized to facilitate this meeting.”