Important Document Downloads for Committee Chairs

If you would like to get active here is information on the Southern Ontario Cocaine Anonymous Committees. Current information regarding each committee is on the Committee Meetings & Events page of the website.

The Area Chair

The Area Chair presides over the monthly/quarterly meetings for our Southern Ontario Area. The Chair’s role is to ensure that the Area meetings are run smoothly and without conflict. In addition the Area Chair is responsible for coordinating all the various activities within the Area; is responsible to ensure that Traditions are being maintained within the Area and its individual Groups; and is responsible to encourage trusted servants to chair various Standing Committees.
Chairperson: Barry

Chips & Lit

The Chips and Literature Committee is responsible for the distribution of literature and chips to CA districts, groups, individuals and interested institutions. The committee is also responsible for the production, maintenance and updating of the Area meeting list.
Chaiperson: Kaitlyn M. – contact

Convention Committee (SOCA)

The convention committee is responsible to our Southern Ontario Area to put on a yearly Convention. The purpose of the Area Convention is to promote enthusiasm and unity within the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous, and financially support our Area’s effort to carry the message to the addict still suffering. There are many sub-committee necessary to help facilitate this extensive undertaking. Registration, Memorabilia, Programming, Printing and Logo, Entertainment, Public Information and Greeters are just some of the Convention Sub-committees that are in need of your support and involvement.
Chairperson: Ashley

Hospitals & Institutions

The Hospitals and Institution Committee is the liaison between various hospitals and institutions and Cocaine Anonymous in the Southern Ontario Area. The H and I Committee oversees a number of service meetings within it’s area of service. If you wish to get active and help put on a service meeting, you must contact H & I (due to strict hospital policies and institutional guidelines).
Chairperson: Jared

Phone Line Committee

The Phone Line Committee needs volunteers to staff the Southern Ontario Area phone line. This is an excellent service opportunity to provide C.A. information for telephone inquiries to our C.A. phone line. Before you may join, the phone line committee will provide you with a full and comprehensive orientation meeting to help guide you through this service.
Chairperson:  Ben

Public Info

The Public Information Committee is responsible for the distribution of literature and information to the public and the professional community regarding the Fellowship of CA. It provides them with how and where to reach us, and what we do. For further information, please write to:
Public Information Committee
360 A Bloor Street West, P.O. Box 19032, Toronto, Ont, M5S 3C9

Chairperson: Jackie

Unity Committee

The Unity Committee enhances our communication and outreach among the diverse elements within the Fellowship in the interests of carrying the CA message. It is also suggested that this committee sponsor workshops and other forums to promote CA unity.
Chairperson: Mallory J.  – contact

World Service Delegate

The World Service Delegate attends the yearly World Service Conference to carry the Group Conscience of the Area, and to carry information back to the Area from World Service. Helps solve local problems involving the Traditions within the Area; visits local groups and is sensitive to their needs and reactions and encourages Area efforts to generate funds to support World Services. The Delegate is also responsible to serve on a World Service Committee throughout the year.
Chairperson: Kim C.. – contact

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee organizes activities including “Celebrate Around the World” event in order to create fellowship while raising funds to better carry the message to the addict who still suffers.
Chairperson: Jackie

Archive Committee

The Archive Committee is responsible for the collection, protection and preservation of historically valued documents, printed materials, artifacts, ephemera and memorabilia that results from the work of Cocaine Anonymous in Southern Ontario. The Archive Committee is responsible for making the history of C.A. accessible to C.A. members and to provide a context for understanding C.A.’s progression, principles and traditions.
Archive Chair: Francine

Website Committee

The Web Site Committee is responsible for the creation and upkeep of the Southern Ontario Area Web Site. The primary purpose is to carry an electronic message about the fellowship of C.A. to other addicts. The committee constantly updates the site with new information, upcoming events, the latest news, and other links to additional C.A. web sites throughout the world.
Chairperson: Kelly

Telecommunications Committee

The Telecommunications Committee is responsible to establish and maintain SOCA Skype account to deliver audio conferencing. Maintain directory of GSR Skype accounts/phone numbers for monthly meeting. Manage requests for access to Area meetings through assigned email account. Attends monthly Area meeting and sets up equipment for call and conducts testing prior to meeting start. Places Skype call at Area meeting and monitoring call (audio) only and Chat room. Coordinate WiFi access with church. Troubleshoot any issues with Skype and access to meeting.
Chairperson: Omar