SOCA AREA MEETING – 2nd Saturday of the Month – 10:30 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 769 737 042
Password: AREASOCA

• All members of CA are welcome to attend the Area meeting
• Please follow Zoom etiquette by keeping your microphone or phone muted unless you are called upon to speak
• Participants will be asked to identify themselves on the Zoom conference by position, e.g. John D., GSR, CA Group
• The Area Chair will conduct a roll call at the beginning of the meeting to track attendance and establish quorum
• Only Group Service Representatives (GSRs) can vote on policy motions
• GSRs and Area Elected Representatives can vote on procedural motions
• All participants may vote to elect committee chairs or vice-chairs
• Voting will be done through the YES/NO function on Zoom, and by roll call for those participating on the phone; the Area Chair reserves the right to conduct a roll call among all participants for votes
• Announcements and medallions are to be put into the chat function and should also be emailed to the Area Secretary
• New Business motions are to be put into the chat function and clearly marked as “New Business”
• Discussion will be managed by the chair and based on those wishing to speak requesting to do so in the chat function; the chair will poll to see if any phone participants wish to speak
• Committee reports should be emailed to the Area Secretary and Area Chair